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Beloved of the Trinity Community,

The heart of who we are as the Body of Christ is rooted significantly in the way we worship on Sunday mornings.  Rooted in the Sacraments, we look for “outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace”.  In other words, being together in worship gives us moments in our lives to put flesh on what we know is all around us, namely God’s Love and Blessings.  It is vital for us in this time and place in our collective lives to have those tangible expressions to remind us of these things.  Coming together weekly to share in the Sacraments, hear God’s Word, and be in communion with one another connects us with God’s Love.

This, of course, presents a challenge to us in the face of the Covid-19 surge due to the Delta variant.  There is no doubt that you and your family have had some experience with the seriousness of the virus.  Growing daily cases of this extremely contagious variant has us as the leadership of this church examining the protocols in place to keep our worshiping body safe.  

As an act of love and charity for our neighbor and fellow worshipers, we are requesting that all in attendance at our worship services wear a mask when indoors.  Please take advantage of our garden space and patio for reconnecting with one another before and after services.  This small act has shown to be an effective method for slowing the spread, and we thank you for your willingness to help keep vulnerable members of our community safe.

Please know how grateful we are to serve and worship alongside you in this community.  



You're Invited!

Sunday Services

8 a.m. (Rite I)
Traditional Spoken Service
No Music

10:30 a.m. (Rite II)
Contemporary Language Service 
with Organ and Choir

Other Services 

Monday, 9:30 a.m.  (Temporarily Suspended due to COVID)
Greatwood Homes of Victoria
9606 N.E. Zac Lentz Pkwy.

Wednesday, 10 a.m. 
Traditional Spoken Service,
With Anointing for Healing.
No Music 


New Creations

2022 Stewardship Campaign

Grace and Peace to you!  

St. Paul tells the church in Corinth that “If anyone is in Christ, they are a NEW CREATION” (2Cor5:17).  In this verse, the Greek word “new” generates a sentiment of “refreshed in opportunity, unlike anything it's been before.”  I needed to read this after the pandemic season we’ve been through!  We are a different people than we were before, having weathered the challenges.  We have gained valuable insight into what matters most to us as human beings and as people of faith.  The Trinity Episcopal Church and School community is primed to move forward in our collective lives through intentional fellowship, sacramental worship, and communal growth in our life of faith.  We are the proof of new life and resurrection reality to the world!

Our financial pledge campaign is rooted in gratitude, and I am so grateful to your commitment to the health and future of the ministries of Trinity.  It cannot be said enough how thankful we are that the work of this community has continued in the difficult times.  We ask you begin to prayerfully consider how you will respond to God’s blessings in your life through your pledges and offerings. In order to set the budget accurately, we are asking you to let us know your intentions on your financial offerings by November 21.  You may use this link to add your pledge to the campaign.  We will consecrate our pledges at our worship that morning, and celebrate our offerings with our Thanksgiving Turkey Lunch after the 10:30 service.

You remain in my prayers of Gratitude and Blessing, and I’m deeply grateful to be serving alongside you in this ministry.

Rev. Michael A. Koehler
Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church and School
Victoria, TX