Our Vestry

The Vestry is the elected lay leadership of Trinity Episcopal Church, headed by the Rector and Wardens. Vestry elections are held at the first of each year at the annual meeting. Members serve staggered three-year terms with four members elected each year. From the senior elected group, the Rector appoints a Senior Warden and the vestry members select a Junior Warden. The Senior and Junior Wardens work closely with the Rector. The Wardens and Vestry also serve as counsel to the Rector. The Vestry meets monthly on the third Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. The Vestry is charged with the oversight of finance, property and staff issues. Anyone may attend a vestry meeting, but may only speak if on the agenda. Parishioners are encouraged to discuss concerns, ideas or questions with the Wardens and/or the Vestry.

Dennis Patillo, Senior Warden


Class of 2019

Bob Gilliam
Susan-Hall Angerstein

Mary Logan
John Streetman

Class of 2020

John Hyak
Jill O’Neill

Dennis Patillo
Todd Valdes


Class of 2021

Sallye Allen-Denison
Doug Anderson

Scott McHaney
Heather Tyler